UN system editorial material on Women and the Environment



Equal access to resources and power for food security in the face of climate change
(FAO, 2013)

Haiti’s community gardeners enthusiastic about nutrition
(FAO, 2014)

Poultry projects enhance lives of Afghan women
(FAO, 2014)

FAO-Government project to intensify agriculture pays off for female farmers in Niger (FAO, 2014)

Closing the gap between men and women in agriculture (video, 2:15)
(FAO, 2011)


How will average women benefit from UNEA? (video, 48 secs)
(UNEP, 2014)

Sustainable Energy for All: Cook Up Solutions! (video. 2 mins)
(UNEP, 2013)


Pacific forges ahead on joint disaster-climate strategy
(UNISDR, 2014)


Brazil: The Water and Waste Warrior (UN, UNTV, 2014)

UN Women:

Gender equality for the environment: An unfinished agenda -- An op-ed by Lakshmi Puri
(UN Women, 2014)

Collecting and carrying water, burdensome reality for women
(UN Women, 2014)

Women for results: climate change initiatives highlighted at COP-19
(UN Women, 2013)

Joining forces with UN-Habitat to promote women’s voice, access and safety in sustainable urban development
(UN Women, 2013)

Preserving the balance between business and nature in Mexico
(UN Women, 2012)


Families in Bangladesh learn to cope with storms and cyclones
(WFP, 2013)

Empowering Women Farmers in Honduras
(WFP, 2013)

Unlocked Credit Lines Allow Poor Tanzanian Farmers To Invest In Vineyard (video, 1:08)
(WFP, IFAD, FAO, 2013)

Côte d’Ivoire: Food For Assets Project Empowers Women’s Group
(WFP, 2013)

For more information on Women and the Environment, check out the In Focus editorial package on the new Beijing+20 campaign website.