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We want to hear from YOU! "Empowering Women – Empowering Humanity: Picture It!" is an invitation to engage in the conversation, to imagine a world in which gender equality and women's empowerment is a reality, as well as to discuss existing gaps. It is a call to action, with a strong focus on visuals and imagination.

Media leaders and journalists speak on women in media

As part of a #Beijing20 campaign that runs throughout May 2015, inspiring journalists and media leaders tell UN Women their thoughts about the state of women in media today, what changes they want to see for women, and share their personal experiences in the newsroom. Read more »

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Twitter: Only 1 in 4 people mentioned in news are women. @UN_Women infographic: #Beijing20 [UPLOAD INFOGRAPHIC 1]

Facebook: Only 1 in 4 people mentioned in news are women. Learn more in [@UN Women]’s infographic: #Beijing20 [UPLOAD INFOGRAPHIC 1]

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Twitter: Do you know how many women hold top management jobs in media? @UN_Women infographic: #Beijing20 [UPLOAD INFOGRAPHIC 2]

Facebook: Do you know how many women hold top management jobs in media? Learn more in [@UN Women]’s infographic: #Beijing20 [UPLOAD INFOGRAPHIC 2]

Want more? A comprehensive social media package with messages in English, Spanish and French and a variety of images can be accessed here.

Close the gap on gender equality

Close the gap

Men and boys, raise your voice for change


It's 2014 and women around the world are still being abused, objectified and silenced. Yet, women are half of the world's potential and every single one has the right to a life free from discrimination. Your voice is powerful—raise it to tell the world why equality for every woman and girl is worth fighting for through UN Women's #HeForShe campaign. Speak up now »

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Think you know women's rights? Test your knowledge by taking our five-question/short quiz on #Beijing20. I'm ready! Take me to the quiz »

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Engage offline

There are various ways you can get involved. If you are interested in attending an event in your country, please refer to the Events calendar. If you are organizing your own activity to commemorate Beijing+20, our toolkit might offer useful resources.

Help spread the word by engaging people you know, hosting or co-hosting events to promote the Beijing+20 campaign, such as:

  • A film festival around the theme of women's rights
  • Photo or essay writing competition that captures what gender equality means today
  • Panel discussions with NGOs or activists who attended the Beijing Conference of 1995, and the post-Beijing generation
  • Regional online discussions from different countries on what women's empowerment and gender equality mean to different generations
  • Local performers coming together to host a show on women's rights
  • School debating competitions on women's rights or a drawing contest among students
  • A panel discussion with journalists who attended Beijing on their take "what went right, what went wrong?"
Imagine a New Decade for Women's Rights
Imagine a New Decade for Women's Rights

Our partners at Global Fund for Women have just released Imagining Equality, a new online media project. Women around the world are sharing their art, photography, stories, and more describing their hopes for the future of women's human rights, and celebrating the progress we've already made toward gender equity. Get involved by joining the conversation about what #EqualityIs to you on Twitter, or using the Imagining Equality interactive badge tool to share your vision for the next decade of women's human rights.