Beijing+20 – The Beijing Platform for Action turns 20

The Beijing Platform for Action
Turns 20

In focus

Women and Poverty

In Focus: Poverty

In October, we focus on the deep impact of poverty on women, and the gender discrimination they face as a result of being poor. Women more often receive fewer opportunities than men in gaining access to education, healthcare and credit. They also have limited choice and voice in decision-making.

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Power & Decision-making
Power and Decision-making
Girl Child
Girl Child


Our editorial packages feature facts, stories, audiovisual and social media content focused on each of the 12 "Critical Areas of Concern" identified in the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action. They'll be rolled out once a month beginning in June of 2014. Below are the release dates for upcoming topics.

  • Violence against women [coming in November 2014]
  • Human rights of women [coming in December 2014]
  • Education and training of women [coming in February 2015]
  • Institutional mechanisms for the advancement of women [coming in March 2015]
  • Women and health [coming in April 2015]
  • Women and the media [coming in May 2015]
  • Women and armed conflict [coming in June 2015]